Saturday 8 May 2010

ABC's US indulgence

The ABC (Australia) either has too much money or is spending what it has very poorly.

Last week, three ABCTV US correspondents filed stories on the same subject - the Goldman Sachs hearings - to three programmes, the News, 7.30 Report and Lateline. They used the same footage and they added no "Australian" perspective of note. I doubt any of the correspondents were present at the hearings either - meaning that their pieces could have been filed from a studio in Sydney.

Why does the ABC need three expensive US correspondents to cover the world's most well covered stories? As far as I can tell, these stories were very ably covered by the BBC, CNN and no doubt many others. Are there not similarly important stories closer to home, with unique Australian significance - in Asia for example - where the ABC's resources could not be put to better use?

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