Thursday 19 April 2007


As America suffers, mourns and asks why, following this week’s senseless tragedy at Virginia Tech, Iraqis in Baghdad may be hoping that it will give the world a tiny insight into the horror that is their daily existence in a city of daily suicide bombings of even greater lethality.

As we are bombarded with intimate details about the life and motives of the Virginia killer I wonder whether we might be better equipped to fight our “war on terror” if a similar public analysis of the lives and motives of the perpetrators of suicide bombings around the world occurred. Given how prolific they are, it is incredible how little we know of them. Most people would be hard pressed to name more than one of the September 11 hijackers. Few could say anything of substance about them.

And as we read of the lives shattered by 23 year old Cho Seung-Hui’s bloody rampage, it points to an obscene contrast in the lack of detail presented on the hundreds of faceless simple people who fall victim to hideous violence in Iraq each day.

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